New Testament Courses

BNT 101                                   Life of Christ I                                     3 hours

An introduction to Jesus through the canonical Gospels.  These narratives are studied in harmony and in chronological order from the beginning through the Great Invitation.  The identity and message of Jesus are closely observed.  Attention is also given to New Testament backgrounds and the characteristics of the individual Gospels. (View Syllabus)

BNT 111 DL                        New Testament Survey                               3 hours

A survey of the text, canon, and historical background of the New Testament, including examination of the date, authorship, circumstances, and content of each New Testament book.

BNT 112                               Acts of the Apostles                                 3 hours

A verse-by-verse study of Acts 1-12 with an emphasis on the origin, growth, and government of the early church, the work of the Holy Spirit, the process of conversion, and the sound doctrine taught by New Testament apostles and prophets.  (View syllabus)

BNT 203                                  Life of Christ III                                    3 hours

A survey of the final portion of the Life of Christ, including the later Perean ministry, the last public ministry in Jerusalem, and the death, burial, resurrection and post resurrection appearances of Christ. (View syllabus)

BNT 252                                 Book of Hebrews                                   3 hours

An analysis of the Epistle to the Hebrews provides the framework for a study of the idea of covenant, the superiority of the New Covenant over the Old, and the central place of Jesus Christ in the covenant relationship between man and God. Special encouragement is given to make personal application of the Warning Passages that occur over and over again in the Epistle. (View syllabus)

BNT 301                                   Life of Christ II                                     3 hours

Continues the study of the Gospels harmonized. It covers the period from midway in Jesus’ Galilean ministry through the later Judean ministry. Special emphasis is given to the nature and demands of the Messianic kingdom, the growing opposition against Jesus, and the implications on modern ministry situations. (View syllabus)

BNT 311                           Life and Message of Paul                             3 hours

An overview of Paul’s life as revealed in Acts 13-28 and his letters, plus a study of selected themes from his message.

BNT 322                                  Book of Romans                                   3 hours

An exposition is made of Paul’s letter to the Romans, giving special attention to the doctrines introduced, with emphasis upon the doctrine of justification by faith, and upon the glorious benefits to the believer that result from God’s method of saving men.  (View syllabus)

BNT 323                                I and II Corinthians                                  3 hours

An analytical study of these epistles is made with special care taken to apply the principles herein found to the problems that face the church in the 21st century. 

BNT 326                              Early Pauline Epistles                                3 hours

An exegetical study of the books of I and II Thessalonians and Galatians with emphasis upon the true nature of the Christian message and hope.

BNT 330                                   Prison Epistles                                     3 hours

Primarily a topical study is made of the Pauline letters to the Ephesians, the Philippians, the Colossians, and Philemon. Students have an opportunity to study their own portion of the Scripture and present the results of their study to the entire class.

BNT 346                                  Pastoral Epistles                                    3 hours

A careful exegesis of the text follows a study of the authenticity and background of the Pastoral Epistles: I Timothy, II Timothy, and Titus. The course emphasizes church polity and the practical application of the ideas presented in the letters.              

BNT 375                                  General Epistles                                    3 hours

An exegetical study of the non-Pauline letters of the New Testament (James, I-II Peter, I-III John, & Jude) gives attention to the ministries of those writers and their message for the church to remain faithful in the face of internal and external threats.

BNT 381                   Book of Revelation (N.T. Prophecy)                     3 hours

The first half of the study includes consideration of various millennial and dispensational schemes, and exegesis of certain key eschatological passages in the Old and New Testaments, along with introductory studies to the Book of Revelation. The second half of the course is a survey of the book of Revelation to ascertain its message to the church today, as well as its message to the church throughout the centuries.

BNT 385                                 Synoptic Gospels                                   3 hours

An advanced study of Matthew, Mark, and Luke to explore their diversity and harmony in depicting the life and ministry of Jesus.  Emphasis is placed on challenges to their authorship, literary independence, theological purpose, and historical accuracy.

BNT 390                                   Gospel of John                                     3 hours

An advanced examination of the unique contributions to the doctrine of the deity of Jesus in the gospel of John.  Emphasis is placed on challenges to the apostolic authorship and historical veracity of the gospel.

BNT 394                        World of the New Testament                          3 hours

Consideration is given to the historical background which formed the setting in which Christ lived and the church was established. Attention is given to Greek cultural influences, Roman political power and Jewish religious institutions.  Selected primary sources drawn from the Greek, Roman, and Jewish writings of the period are read and discussed.     

BNT 398                   Readings in New Testament Studies                     3 hours

Selected readings in New Testament are assigned by the instructor.  A minimum of 1,000 pages of reading for each hour of credit and a final research paper or project are required for the course.