Chapel & Christian Service


Central’s campus community gathers in the Ferneau Center every Tuesday and Friday during the school year for praise, worship, and celebration.  These special gatherings are designed to develop servant leaders and serve as the heartbeat of our campus community. The chapel speakers are normally area preachers, visiting evangelists, faculty members, or graduating seniors.

Students receiving the Full-Tuition Scholarship are expected to attend all chapels.  Attending fewer than 80% of the gatherings may result in reduction of the student’s scholarship and the potential for disciplinary action.  Attendance is taken during chapel and students are expected to sign-in to chapel within the first 10 minutes and remain in chapel the entire hour.

Students who must miss chapel over 6 times for a semester should have an alternative chapel attendance plan approved by the Director of Student Services.  Without an alternative plan, students may only make up a maximum of 6 absences per semester for their chapel attendance.

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If a chapel is missed, it can be listened to online.  

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To complete the attendance requirement for a missed chapel, a chapel report should be completed and submitted.  The deadline for submitting a chapel report is the last day of finals in a semester.

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Christian Service

The College encourages its students to use their various talents in some form of ministry or service. Our goals include every student actively involved in service to the Lord’s kingdom while enrolled at Central and the majority of our graduates continuing to serve Christ in some specialized ministry after leaving college.

Every student receiving the Full-Tuition Scholarship participates in a Christian Service project for an average of two hours per week (30 hours per semester).  This participation is monitored by the financial aid department.  Failure to report at least 80% of the required Christian Service for a semester may result in a reduction of the student’s scholarship the following semester.

Christian Service hours are evaluated in 5-week blocks, during which the student is expected to complete at least 10 hours of service.  Extra hours may be reported but will not carry over into the next block.  Deficient hours cannot be made up without approval for an extenuating circumstance.

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Scholarship Reductions

Student participation in Chapel & Christian Service is maintained through the student portal. Students may check their absences and hours within the portal. Any discrepancies with the records can be corrected by contacting Sara McGuire (  

A student's Full-Tuition Scholarship may be reduced by 20% for lack of chapel attendance or Christian service.  Click for more information about the Full-Tuition Scholarship.