Fall 2013 Chapel Sermons

Live and archive videos are available for select chapel services. 


FALL 2013
Aug 21 Gareth Reese, Professor Emeritus (Convocation Introduction by Lloyd Pelfrey) Audio  
Aug 23 Dr. Ron Oakes, CCCB President Audio  
Aug 27 Dr. Eric Stevens, Professor of New Testament Audio  
Aug 30 Dr. Rory Christensen, Professor of Youth & Family Ministry Audio  
Sept 3 Ashton Stewart, Warrenton Christian Church (Warrenton, MO)  Audio  
Sept 6 Rick Fordyce, Associate Dean Audio  
Sept 10 Student Council Audio  
Sept 13 Chris Reynolds (Class of 1994), Ninth Street Christian Church (Eldon, MO) Audio  
Sept 17 Dr. David Fincher (Class of 1993), Vice-President of Academics Audio  
Sept 20 Stuart Liegey, Professor of Bible and Ministry Audio  
Sept 24 Angela Foster, Rapha House (Joplin, MO) Audio  
Sept 25 Angela Foster, Rapha House (Joplin, MO) Audio  
Sept 26 Jair Castillo, International Conference on Missions Audio  
Sept 27 Jair Castillo, International Conference on Missions  Audio  
Oct 1 Jason Lykins, Dean of Students  Audio  
Oct 4 Chad Summa (Class of 1999), Professor of Old Testament  Audio  
Oct 8 William Walton, Emeritus Professor of Christian Ministries  Audio  
Oct 11 Dr. Bob Rea, Lincoln Christian Seminary  Audio  
Oct 18 Nick Tuttle (Class of 2004), First Christian Church of Unionville Audio  
Oct 22 Darryl Ammon (Class of 2006), Prairie Hill Christian Church (Salisbury, MO) N/A  
Oct 25 Jamie Franke (Class of 1998), First Christian Church (Vandalia, MO) Audio  
Oct 29 Barry Thornton, Director of Development Audio  
Nov 1 Dr. Ben Williams, Professor of Preaching and Old Testament  Audio  
Nov 5 Gene McCoy (Class of 1976), Chairmen of CCCB Board of Directors 
Nov 8 Aaron Arkkelin (Class of 2007), Bethel Church (Valparaiso, IN)  Audio  
Nov 12 Corey Courtwright, Lasting Harvest International (Warrensburg, MO) Audio  
Nov 19 James Hla (Class of 1991) Audio  
Nov 22 Student Council Audio  
Dec 3 Justin Herman (Class of 2011), Mariners Church (Huntington Beach, CA)  Audio  
Dec 6 David Fincher (Class of 1993), Interim President Audio  
Dec 10 Brian Sevits (Class of 2008), Timber Lake Christian Church (Moberly, MO) Audio