Chapel Sermons

Live and archive videos are available for select chapel services.  Live chapel stream is available at 10:30 Central time on Tuesday and Friday mornings at

FALL 2014
Aug 20 Convocation:  Dr. David Fincher, President (Class of 1993) Audio
Aug 22 Jeff Anselmi, First Christian Church, Sierra Vista, AZ (Class of 1998) Audio Video
Aug 26 Matt Stieger, Crossroads Christian Church, Macon, MO Audio Video
Aug 29 Student Council sharing student testimonies of following God’s call. Audio Video
Sept 2 Juan Eliezer Deleon, Community Christian Church of Chicago, Chicago, IL (Class of 2007) Audio
Sept 5 Dr. Robert Rea, Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln, IL Audio Video
Sept 9 Keith Ehresman, Madison Park Christian Church, Quincy, IL (Class of 1985) Audio
Sept 12 Josh Stucki, Callao Christian Church, Callao, MO (Class of 2005) N/A
Sept 16 Walt Harper, Professor of Bible and Ministry (Class of 2006) Audio
Sept 19 Daniel Schantz, Professor Emeritus (Class of 1967) Audio
Sept 23 Alumni Missionaries  Audio
Sept 24 David Butts, Harvest Prayer Ministries, Terre Haute, IN Audio Video
Sept 25 David Butts, Harvest Prayer Ministries, Terre Haute, IN Audio
Sept 26 Gabe Brazle, Global City Mission Initiative (Class of 2013) Audio
Sept 30 Aaron Welch, Professor of Christian Counseling Audio
Oct 3 Mitchell Seaton, Belle Christian Church, Belle, MO (Class of 2005) Audio Video
Oct 7 Jason Poznich, Professor of Preaching Audio
Oct 10 Student council sharing testimonies of life-changing student experiences Audio
Oct 17 Zach Murphy, Missionary to Germany (Class of 2005) Audio Video
Oct 21 Seth Tyler, Parkview Christian Church, Sedalia, MO (Class of 2008) Audio
Oct 24 Matt Douglass, Director of Accounting (Class of 2000)    
Oct 28 Brent Messimer, Rescue Innocence (Class of 2003)    
Oct 31 Richard Koffarnus, Professor Emeritus of Theology, Philosophy, and History    
Nov 4 Darryl Ammon, Dean of Men (Class of 2006)    
Nov 7 Alex Eddy, Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, OH    
Nov 11 Rob Branham, Australian Christian Mission (Class of 1995)    
Nov 18 Scott McNay, La Plata Christian Church (Class of 2008)    
Nov 21 William Walton, Professor Emeritus    
Dec 2 Jamie Franke, Online Coordinator (Class of 1998)    
Dec 5 Jason Lykins, Executive Director of Student Development    
Dec 9 Dr. David Fincher, President (Class of 1993)