Pelfrey HallPelfrey Hall
Housing classrooms, offices, and cafeteria, Pelfrey Hall was built in 1980 and called the Memorial Building. It was renamed "Pelfrey Hall" in 1999 to celebrate the retirement of Lloyd Pelfrey after 26 years as president of the College. Pelfrey Hall houses the Ferneau Center, named for James Ferneau, long-time member of the board of directors. It also contains the Lincoln Conference Room, named in honor of O.S. & Flossie Lincoln, an original member of the College Board of Directors.

Reese Resource CenterReese Resource Center
Completed in 2001, the library and bookstore building was named for longtime professor and librarian Gareth L. Reese and his wife, bookstore manager Kathleen Reese. This facility serves the college family and area churches with both sales and lending of Christian literature and supplies.

Walton Student CenterWalton Student Center
This recreational space was completed in 2010. It has extra computers, the student coffee shop, workout room, collaborative spaces, and assorted entertainment.

Mabee Foundation HallMabee Foundation Hall
Completed in 2004, Foundation Hall houses 153 students at full capacity. This dorm has separate entrances and lobby areas to accommodate both genders and ensure separation of all living quarters.

Spurling HallSpurling Hall
The ladies dormitory was built in 1968 and was recently renovated and expanded to house 108 ladies at full capacity. It contains laundry facilities, a lounge area, and an apartment for the dorm parents.

Lang HallLang Hall
The men's dormitory was built in 1971 and was recently expanded to house 147 men at full capacity. It also contains laundry facilities, a lounge, and an apartment for the dorm parents.